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New EMG concept


The EMG.NExT application software of Galileo Line is specifically designed and built to perform in the most complete way all examinations of electromyography and nerve conduction.

Working in combination with a NeMus / NeMus 2 system, it allows to perform, through dedicated high-level EMG channels, all of electromyography investigations, both with needle and surface electrodes.



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Main Characteristics

The innovative main screen is designed to better meet the needs of all users: on the left it shows in a clear and exhaustive way the list of available application modules, while the entire central area is dedicated to the nerves (or muscles) list divided by anatomical region and directly selectable. Overcoming the idea that it should be the user to adapt to the software, and not vice versa, it’s included the possibility of being able to choose from three background colors (white, black and blue) and different styles.


Application Modules

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EMG.NExT includes these application modules:

  • Conduction Velocity: Motor, Sensory and Mixed
  • F-Wave
  • EMG Study (Spontaneous and Voluntary Activity)
  • EMG Monitor
  • Single MUP Analysis
  • Multi-MUP Analysis
  • Interference Pattern Analysis
  • Single Fiber
  • Inching
  • Blink Reflex
  • H Reflex
  • Sympathetic Skin Response
  • Repetitive Nerve Stimulation