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Neurotravel Win

Neurotravel Win Software

Neurotravel Win is a multidisciplinary platform, Windows® OS based, which allows the use of all Neurotravel's systems for several neurological applications such as:

  • Clinical EEG/VEEG
  • Cerebral Death Assessment and EEG in ICU
  • LTM and Epilepsy Studies
  • Ambulatory EEG recording

The software grants several possible user customizations in the acquisition/review layouts and parameters, reports and trends.


Data Sharing - Neurotravel Group

In the use of EEG acquiring stations, sharing the general archive and the data through network becomes important for a better organization and a quicker management of Neurology Department. For this reason it has been studied a central report and archive station named Neurotravel GROUP, where all patient's clinical files and traces are stored. The transferring mode via Ethernet network, Wi-Fi or email, allows the connection to external stations for consulting the database. The system allows advanced function of patient reporting on Microsoft Word®.


Software Options

  • 2D/3D on-line/off-line Brain Mapping
  • Coherence
  • Spectral Analysis, DSA
  • Spectral Index Calculation
  • VideoEEG
Neurotravel Win EEG Maps


Software package for 2D/3D Brain Mapping, Spectral Analysis and Coherence.

Neurotravel Win EEG DSA


Software package for Dense Spectral Array with SEF and Spectral Index Calculation.

Neurotravel Win VEEG


Software package for digital videoEEG with MPEG4 support.

Available System

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