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Be Plus LTM Trolley

The Ultimate Wireless Solution

BE Plus LTM is the first device of a new EBNeuro wireless amplifiers family that can communicate with the PC using the latest Wi-Fi wireless technology or by direct LAN connection.

It’s specifically designed for LTM applications and it’s available in various configurations to cover the wide range of EEG and LTM applications and epilepsy surgery.

BE Plus LTM grants a seamless wireless “out-of-range” data backup and file catch-up: when the patient is temporarily out of range, Be Plus LTM can store the data in an internal memory. As soon as the patient is back in the Wi-Fi area, the backed up data is automatically appended to the EEG file.

This feature grants a total patient mobility without losing any data. Compact device and ergonomic design ensure patient comfort.


Be Plus LTM Amplifier

Main characteristics

  • Several configurations up to 272 channels
  • Very hight programmable storage frequency and multi-frequency
  • High signal quality (low noise, high sensitivity for a large dynamic, high CMRR)
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • No need of any external box for patient comfort
  • Built-in event patient button
  • Designed for the use with grid/strip electrodes and depth needle electrodes
  • Fully compatible with EB Neuro DSM unit to perform a cortical stimulation mapping (English Brochure, Italian Brochure)


Available software packages of Galileo Suite

  • EEG
  • EP (not available for BAEP)
  • ERP


Clinical Applications available on Galileo Suite

  • Clinical EEG/Video EEG
  • Cerebral Death Assessment and EEG in ICU
  • LTM and Epilepsy Surgery
  • aEEG/CFM
  • Event Related Potentials and Cognitive Studies




EEG.NET Software



BE Plus LTM Brochure