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Publications - Neurology

Here following a list of recent publications with EB Neuro's Neurology Devices.

  • V.Dhiman, S.Sinha, V.S.Rawat, K.J.Vijaysagar, H.Thippeswamy, S.Srinath, S.K.Chaturvedi, P.Satishchandra - Children with psychogenic non-epileptic seizures (PNES): A detailed semiologic analysis and modified new classification - Brain & Development 36 (2014), 287-293. (Download)

  • G.Frisardi, G.Chessa, A.Lumbau, S.Okkesim, B.Akdemir, S.Kara, EM.Staderini, A.Ferrante, F.Frisardi - The Reliability of the Bilateral Trigeminal Roots-motor Evoked Potentials as an Organic Normalization Factor: Symmetry or Not Symmetry? - Dentistry 2014, S2 - NeMus 2 Amplifier. (Download)

  • G.Frisardi, C.Iani, G.Sau, F.Frisardi, C.Leornadis, A.Lumbau, P.Enrico, D.Sirca, E.M.Staderini, G.Chessa - A relationship between bruxism and orofacialdystonia? A trigeminal electrophysiological approach in a case report of pineal cavernoma - Behavioral and Brain Functions 2013, 9:41 - NeMus 2 Amplifier. (Download)

  • E.Formaggio, S.F.Storti, I.Boscolo Galazzo, M.Gandolfi, C.Geroin, N.Smania, L.Spezia, A.Waldner, A.Fiaschi, P.Manganotti - Modulation of event-related desynchronization in robot-assisted hand performance: brain oscillatory changes in active, passive and imagined movements - Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation 2013, 10:24 - GEM100 Amplifier. (Download)

  • M.Albanese, D.Ferrazzoli, A.Martorana, A.Romigi, F.Izzi, F.Sica, C.Liguori, G.Sancesario, G.M.Sancesario, M.G.Marciani, N.B.Mercuri, F.Placidi - Correlation between epileptiform activity and cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers in Alzheimer's disease - Poster presented at World Congress of Neurology Wien 2013 - Be 40 Amplifier. (Download)

  • M.Patel, P.Satishchandra, J.Saini, R.D.Bharath, S.Sinha - Eating epilepsy: Phenotype, MRI, SPECT and video-EEG observations - Epilepsy Research (2013) 107, 115-120. (Download)

  • S.Sinha, M.N.Pramod, S.Dilipkumar, P.Satishchandra - Idiopathic generalized epilepsy: Phenotypic and electroencephalographic observations in a large cohort from South India - Annals of Indian Academy of Neurology, April-June 2013, Vol 16, Issue 2, 163-168. (Download)

  • V.Dhiman, S.Sinha, V.S.Rawat, T.Harish, S.K.Chaturvedi, P.Satishchandra - Semiological characteristics of adults with psychogenic nonepileptic seizures (PNESs): An attempt towards a new classification - Epilepsy & Behavior 27 (2013), 427-432. (Download)

  • S.Sinha, P.Satishchandra, B.R.Kalband, K.Thennarasu - New-onset status epilepticus and cluster seizures in the elderly - Journal of Clinical Neuroscience 20 (2013), 423-428. (Download)

  • E.Bosco, P.Zanatta - Dynamic Brain Function Monitoring a New Concept in Neuro-Intensive Care - Brain Damage - Bridging Between Basic Research and Clinics (2012), 257-272. (Download)

  • C.T.Ramachandraiah, S.Sinha, A.B.Taly, S.Rao, P.Satishchandra - Interrelationship of sleep and juvenile myoclonic epilepsy (JME): A sleep questionnaire‐, EEG‐, and polysomnography (PSG)‐based prospective case–control study - Epilepsy & Behavior 25 (2012), 391-396. (Download)

  • E.Bosco, E.Marton, A.Feletti, B.Scarpa, P.Longatti, P.Zanatta, E.Giorgi, C.Sorbara - Dynamic monitors of brain function: a new target in neurointensive care unit - Critical Care 2011, 15:R170. (Download)

  • S.Sinha, P.Satishchandra, B.R.Kalband, K.Thennarasu - EEG Observations in Elderly With New Onset Seizures: From Developing Country Perspective - Journal of Clinical Neurophysiology, Volume 28, Number 4, August 2011, 388-393. (Download)

  • S.Praveen-Kumar, S.Sinhaa, A.B.Taly, R.D.Bharath, P.S.Bindu, S.S.Murthy, V.Ravi - The spectrum of MRI findings in subacute sclerosing panencephalitis with clinical and EEG correlates - Journal of Pediatric Neurology 9 (2011), 177-185. (Download)

  • L.Colloca, F.Benedetti - Placebo analgesia induced by social observational learning - Pain 144, 2009, 28–34 - Basis BE Amplifier. (Download)

  • C.Fusco, D.Frattini, F.Pisani, F.Spaggiari, A.Ferlini, E.Della Giustina - Coexistent Central and Peripheral Nervous System Involvement in a Charcot-Marie-Tooth Syndrome X-linked Patient - J Child Neurol OnlineFirst, published on April 9, 2010 as doi:10.1177/0883073809344119 - Myto II Amplifier. (Download)

  • C.Del Percio, C.Babiloni, N.Marzano, M.Iacoboni, F.Infarinato, F.Vecchio, R.Lizio, P.Aschieri, A.Fiore, G.Toràn, M.Gallamini, M.Baratto, F.Eusebi - “Neural efficiency” of athletes’ brain for upright standing: A high-resolution EEG study - Brain Research Bulletin 79 (2009) 193–200 - Be Plus Amplifier. (Download)

  • B.Dal Seno, M.Matteucci, L.Mainardi - A Genetic Algorithm for Automatic Feature Extraction in P300 Detection - Neural Networks, 2008, IJCNN 2008, 3145 - 3152 - Be Light Amplifier. (Download)

  • G.Visconti, B.Dal Seno, M.Matteucci, L.Mainardi - Automatic Recognition of Error Potentials in a P300-Based Brain-Computer Interface - 2008 - Be Light Amplifier. (Download)

  • C.Babiloni, C.Del Percio, M.Iacoboni, F.Infarinato, R.Lizio, N.Marzano, G.Crespi, F.Dassù, M.Pirritano, M.Gallamini, F.Eusebi - Golf putt outcomes are predicted by sensorimotor cerebral EEG rhythms - J Physiol 586.1 (2008) pp 131–139 - Be Plus Amplifier. (Download)

  • C.Del Percio, A.Brancucci, F.Bergami, N.Marzano, A.Fiore, E.Di Ciolo, P.Aschieri, A.Lino, F.Vecchio, M.Iacoboni, M.Gallamini, C.Babiloni, F.Eusebi - Cortical alpha rhythms are correlated with body sway during quiet open-eyes standing in athletes: A high-resolution EEG study - NeuroImage 36 (2007) 822–829 - Be Plus Amplifier. (Download)

  • S.Praveen-Kumar, S.Sinha, A.B.Taly, S.Jayasree, V.Ravi, J.Vijayan, S.Ravishankar - Electroencephalographic and imaging profile in a subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE) cohort: A correlative study - Clinical Neurophysiology 118 (2007), 1947-1954. (Download)

  • C.L.Busceti, F.Biagioni,E.Aronica, B.Riozzi, M.Storto, G.Battaglia, F.S.Giorgi, R.Gradini, F.Fornai, A.Caricasole, F.Nicoletti, V.Bruno - Induction of the Wnt Inhibitor, Dickkopf-1, Is Associated with Neurodegeneration Related to Temporal Lobe Epilepsy - Epilepsia, 48-4, 694–705, 2007 - Be Light Amplifier. (Download)

  • S.Fossia, A.Amantini, A.Grippo, P.Innocenti, A.Amadori, L.Bucciardini, C.Cossu, S.Scarpelli, I.Bruni, R.Sgalla, F.Pinto - Continuous EEG–SEP monitoring of severely brain injured patients in NICU: methods and feasibility - Neurophysiologie Clinique 36, 2006, 195–205 - Be Light Amplifier. (Download)

  • L.Colloca, F.Benedetti, B.Bergamasco, S.Vighetti, M.Zibetti, A.Ducati, M.Lanotte, L.Lopiano - Electroencephalographic responses to intraoperative subthalamic stimulation - NEUROREPORT, Vol 17 No 14, 2 October 2006, 1465-1468 - Basis BE Amplifier. (Download)

  • F.Benedetti, C.Arduino, S.Vighetti, G.Asteggiano, L.Tarenzi, I.Rainero - Pain reactivity in Alzheimer patients with different degrees of cognitive impairment and brain electrical activity deterioration - Pain 111, 2004, 22–29 - Basis BE Amplifier. (Download)

  • L.Bianchi, F.Babiloni, F.Cincotti, M.Arrivas, P.Bollero, M.G.Marciani - Developing Wearable Bio-Feedback Systems: a General Purpose Platform - IEEE Trans Neural Syst Rehabil Eng. 2003 Jun;11(2):117-9 - Halley Amplifier. (Download)