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Prewired Headcaps

EB Neuro presents the latest generation of prewired headcaps. Thanks to the experience in Neurodiagnostic field, EB Neuro prewired headcaps grant the most simple, fast and easy solution for an EEG recording. EB Neuro prewired headcaps’ range is wide: the electrodes are positioned according to the 10-20 / 10-10 / 10-5 International Standard System on a fabric elastic cap perfectly fitting on everyone's head.

The available electrodes are:

  • Flat Tin Electrode
  • Flat Ag/AgCl Electrode
  • Flat Ag/Au Electrode
  • Cylindrical Ag/AgCl Electrode
  • Cylindrical Ag/Au Electrode

Every model is available in 7 sizes (1 Neonatal, 2 Pediatrics, 4 Adults), recognizable from the fabric color. EB Neuro headcaps are also available with 32, 64 and 128 electrodes and with other several customizations for specific uses. For all EB Neuro amplifiers (BE Plus LTM, Be Plus PRO, Basis BE, BE Light, Be Micro, NeMus 2, Neurotravel Light, Neurotravel Smart) a dedicated headcaps line is available with proper connector to be used without any other proxy. Universal headcaps are available to be used with all kind of amplifiers in the market.