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Publications - rTMS

Here following a list of publications with EB Neuro's rTMS Devices.

    Year 2016

  • D.Cioncoloni, D.Rosignoli, M.Feurra, S.Rossi, M.Bonifazi, A.Rossi, R.Mazzocchio - Role of brain hemispheric dominance in anticipatory postural control strategies - Exp Brain Res (2016) 1-9 - STM9000 Magnetic Stimulator. (Download)

  • P.Luu, E.M.E.Arumugam, E.Anderson, A.Gunn, D.Rech, S.Turovets, D.M.Tucker - Slow-Frequency Pulsed Transcranial Electrical Stimulation for Modulation of Cortical Plasticity Based on Reciprocity Targeting with Precision Electrical Head Modeling - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 1 August 2016, Volume 10, Article 377 - STM9000 Magnetic Stimulator. (Download)

  • Year 2014

  • Nam Jae Lee, Hyun Jung Ahn, Kwang-Ik Jung, Suk Hoon Ohn, Jeonghoon Hong, Yun Joong Kim, Woo-Kyoung Yoo - Reduction of Continuous Theta Burst Stimulation-Induced Motor Plasticity in Healthy Elderly With COMT Val158Met Polymorphism - Ann Rehabil Med 2014; 38(5): 658-664 - STM9000 Magnetic Stimulator. (Download)

  • N.Komeilipoor, C.M.Vicario, A.Daffertshofer, P.Cesari - Talking hands: tongue motor excitability during observation of hand gestures associated with words - Frontier in Human Neuroscience, September 2014, Volume 8, Article 767 - STM9000 Magnetic Stimulator. (Download)

  • Year 2013

  • A.Polo, L.Ferigo, D.Piccoli, L.Bevacqua, R.Del Colle, M.Rossi - Stimolazione magnetica in corrispondenza del rachide cervicale: studio della variabilità del PEM in relazione alla configurazione del coil - Poster presented at SINC 2013 (Italian Language) - STM9000 Magnetic Stimulator. (Download)

  • Year 2012

  • L.Ferigo, M.Rossi, D.Piccoli, L.Bevacqua, R.Del Colle, A.Polo - Stimolazione magnetica cervicale: studio topografico del PEM in relazione all’intensità ed alla distribuzione del campo magnetico - Poster presented at SINC 2012 (Italian Language) - STM9000 Magnetic Stimulator. (Download)

  • Year 2002

  • S.Ravaglia, A.Costa, M.T.Ratti, F.Savoldi, P.Bo, A.Moglia - Cognitive impairment and central motor conduction time in chronic alcoholics - Functional Neurology 2002; 17(2): 83-86 - STM900 Magnetic Stimulator. (Download)

  • Year 1999

  • L.Fadiga, G.Buccino, L.Craighero, L.Fogassi, V.Gallese, G.Pavesi - Corticospinal excitability is specifically modulated by motor imagery a magnetic stimulation study - Neuropsychologia 37 (1999) 147-158. (Download)

  • Year 1997

  • M.Oliveri, F.Brighina, V.La Bua, A.Aloisio, D.Buffa, B.Fierro - Magnetic stimulation study in patients with myotonic dystrophy - Electroencephalography and clinical Neurophysiology 105 (1997) 297–301. (Download)

  • Year 1993

  • F.Baldissera, P.Cavallari - Short-latency subliminal effects of transcranial magnetic stimulation on forearm motoneurones - Exp Brain Res (1993) 96: 513-518. (Download)